3 BIG Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Builds Consumer Trust

With so much competition in today's world, what makes brands stand out? Customer communication.

People like familiarity -- and what creates familiarity? Trust.

Building trust with your audience naturally creates loyalty. People like what they already know. People like routines. People like transparency.

There are a few different ways your brand can communicate with your consumers, but by far the most effective is social media.

1. People have an easier time bonding with people, rather than things.

Humans are naturally social beings. We like to be around each other, to converse with one another, to feel connected. You can humanize your brand, service or good with simple communication. On social media, you have the ability to directly target and respond to your customers.

By addressing customer complaints or inquiries, you're creating a dialogue with your audience. This will create more engagement with your community which eventually will bolster more loyal clients.

2. Use customer service to build a connection.

Everyone knows that horrible feeling when there's just too many choices and nothing feels right. Put yourself in the consumer's shoes -- how have you chosen your favorite salons, restaurants or stores? You've probably read some reviews, heard from a friend or discovered something special about each place.

A great way to spread the word about your business is social media. Using forums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you can directly interact with your community. You can share weekly specials or promotions, display new goods or services and communicate with every satisfied (or not-so-satisfied) customer.

Showing your audience that you share similarities with them creates a connection, a human connection. By listening to what your audience wants, you can tailor your marketing efforts. And when your customers feel connected to your business, they'll be more likely to share your goods and services with others and return (with friends!) on regular basis.

3. Be consistent: Show your business cares about your customers.

We all have that one flaky friend -- that person that we like, but we don't really trust. Consistently interacting with your audience on social media will create a greater level of consumer confidence. People like to believe that they're being heard, that what they say or do matters. So, show them!

What you don't want to do is casually interact with your social media fan base, respond half the time and go completely M.I.A the other. This is where a social media manager becomes incredibly important -- they're the person responsible for catching customer questions and complaints, and responding appropriately. Part of building that consumer loyalty is being gracious when a customer is satisfied and finding a solution when they're disgruntled. Timeliness when dealing with these issues will show your consumers that your brand cares about their business.


With so many incredible social media outlets around today, it shouldn't even be a question whether your business ought to be marketing digitally.

Creating a consistent social media marketing strategy takes time and monitoring these channels is work. But, the payoff is worth it. After a short while, you'll have earned more loyal customers and new referrals.

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