5 Key Digital Marketing Tips For Success

As you know by now, every business needs to be marketing their goods or services digitally.

We live in a digital world, so much so, that most of our daily happenings happen on the internet.

If you’ve recently started a business, you might be struggling to build your brand’s visibility and credibility online. But, by following these five steps, you’ll increase brand awareness and audience engagement, in addition to improving your ROI.

Thanks to the analytics that digital marketing provides, the guesswork has been eliminated from advertising. You can see what your audience is clicking on, what platform they use the most and which marketing tool has the highest return. As you tweak and change your digital marketing strategy from these results, it’s important follow these 5 tips along the way.

1. Make sure every advertising campaign has a clear call-to-action: Whether it’s an ad, a landing page, an email or a social campaign, make sure your audience knows what steps need to be taken next to go to your website and move further down the marketing funnel, eventually purchasing your goods or services.

2. Every marketing material should be visually appealing: The first thing your potential customer will see is the image associated with your ad. Make sure the image is not only eye-catching, but represents your brand and what your brand stands for. The photo should convey exactly what your brand is selling.

3. All advertising copy should be persuasive: You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a typical internet user. That’s why it’s important to make sure every single word on your ad, in your email, on your landing page or in your caption has a persuasive significance. Keep your sentences short and give a clear-cut incentive.

4. Link the proper pages: Whether you're promoting a product or a service, make sure every ad brings the user to the exact page where they can find and purchase these goods or services. Whether it’s a designated landing page or a page on your website, make it as easy as possible for the user to find exactly what they are looking for.

5. Monitor and test everything: You don’t want to spend all this time crafting the perfect post, page or email and have it point your user to the wrong page … or even worse, a page that 404s. Double and triple check your work. Also, try to A/B test your ads. Put out two different ads with the same message and goal and see which one performs better. From there, you can tweak all new content going forward to fit your most successful marketing model.

Digital marketing takes time and patience. But, by following these five simple steps, you’ll see better results and eventually more sales.

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