Here’s What Consumers Want From Brands on Social Media

social media marketing

Social media is about sharing personal moments of your life with your friends and followers.

The number one problem brands face on social media is that they fail to be social.

According to new data, consumers don’t care if brands look “cool” on social media as much as they want engagement.

While respondents said brand engagement was the most important aspect of social media marketing, the second most important action consumers wanted from businesses on social media were special offers.

If you’re following a business online, it generally means you like their products or services. So it makes perfect sense that consumers expect deals and promotions from the brands they follow.

Coming in third was the sharing of educational material. Since your brand is an expert in its indusrty, it’s a great idea to share content that teaches your consumers about what you do and why it’s important.

social media marketing

And placing fourth, was a sense of humor. Consumers responded more positively to brands that showed a little personality on social media.

That doesn’t mean audiences responded well to brands that were controversial -- 51% of respondents said they would unfollow a brand if they posted something that crossed the line.

When it came to the type of content that consumers liked best from the brands they followed, visual images took the number one spot with 85% of user preference, while blogging came in second with 66%, video ranked third with 57%, live video got 28% and podcasting took the last place with just 8% of user satisfaction.

Businesses of every size should be utilizing social media for marketing. But it’s more than just posting content here and there, users want engagement and original material. And in order to succeed, it’s important to create a social strategy that promotes your business while setting your brand apart from competitors.

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