Don’t Make These Five Mistakes with Your Facebook Ads

facebook advertising

Thanks to Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, advertising on the platform has become the surest way to get your brand’s content seen and consumed.

But, when crafting the perfect Facebook ad, it’s important that you execute each campaign to perfection to get the most bang for your buck.

Try to avoid these five mistakes when creating your Facebook ad:

1. Don’t use the wrong ad format: If you're new to Facebook ads, you might be unaware about the different formats. Make sure you examine how your ad will look on mobile newsfeeds, desktop newsfeeds, in the right column, on Instagram and on Audience Network. In addition to making sure your ad’s art and text fit each ad placement, always use appealing images or videos, and customize your “call to action.”

2. Don't' set your targeting too broad: You don’t want to broadly target users in your city. Make sure your ad is targeting audiences that fit your demographic. Make sure you’re adding broader and specific interests to your reach. And if you’re a local business, target users who live within your specific zip code and not in your general area.

3. Don't use too much text in your ad: You don’t want to have too much text in your ad because the text can be cut off when the ad is placed in different areas of the platform (mobile, desktop or right column). Facebook will also reject ads that use too much text, because images that have a lot of text have much lower returns.

4. Make sure your images are the right size for Facebook: If your ad appears too pixelated or distorted, users will overlook your campaign. As a result, images that aren’t optimized for Facebook will hurt your ad’s ROI.

5. Don't be too promotional: Facebook is a place where users can chat with friends. You don’t want to clutter your current fans and your target demographic’s news feeds with too many ads and too much promotional content. If your ad engagement has been on a slow decline, there’s a good chance your saturating your audience’s timelines. When this happens, pause your campaigns for a while. Then, once you have something of value to share, re-launch your promotion.

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