How To Optimize Your Instagram Captions


The world of social media is constantly evolving, which is why it’s SO important for brands to stay on top of new trends and to find innovative ways to connect with their fans.

To ensure social media success, it’s important to build a loyal fan base. With Instagram rising to the top of millennials’ favorite social media networks, it’s important that every post is optimized for peak performance.

While your photo remains the most important aspect of an Instagram post, your caption matters almost as much.

Here are 5 ways to craft the perfect Instagram caption:

Use a casual tone: Most people use Instagram to see cool images, catch up with friends or to interact with their community. As a brand on Instagram, it's important to use an authentic and casual tone in your posts, one that encourages users to interact and engage.

Use a “call to action”: You’d be surprised how well a “CTA” works on Instagram. It’s always a good idea to encourage users to take an action on your page. Whether it’s to comment, to share, to like or to tag a friend, a CTA will usually boost engagement.

Use the appropriate hashtags: Yes, you still need to be using hashtags. Hashtags are an excellent way to reach new users. In fact, in a study by Simply Measured, posts that had at least one hashtag in the caption showed a 12.6% rise in engagement, in comparison to those without. In addition to using post-related hashtags, create a hashtag just for your company that will make it easier for users to see who is posting and talking about your business.

Use emojis: Emojis take the seriousness out of a caption. Using emojis will help your brand communicate its message, while remaining playful.

Mention other users: Mentioning other Instagram users is a great way to tap into new audiences, while maintaining the social aspect of the platform. Nobody wants to see promotion after promotion, which is why engaging with influencers and other brands is an excellent way to increase engagement and visibility without blatantly marketing your business.

While the photos you use on Instagram remain the most important aspect of a post, optimizing your captions for the platform will help you stand out from competitors while providing creative context for your content.

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