What’s Influencer Marketing?

influencer marketing

There are lots of buzzwords in the digital space these days. Phrases like lead generation, social media listening and influencer marketing get tossed around in nearly every conversation about internet marketing.

Just as trends come and go, influencer marketing is the new “it” trend in the digital space. So what is it exactly?

We’ve all seen it – a celebrity endorses a new drink, athletes recommending their brands -- influencer marketing works in the same way, but finds social media “influencers” for specific niches with large online followings.

While influencer marketing is predominately used with big brands, small businesses are taking advantage of this new tactic, as organic reach continues to decline on social media.

The strategies vary when using influencers. You can use online tools like SocMetrics and Zoomph to identify influencers in your market, and from there picking the most influential person based on their geography, category and/or demographic.

influencer marketing

Or you can try to go the organic route and form a genuine relationship with a specific influencer. By fostering a real relationship with those of power in your market, they may be more likely to publicly advocate your products or services. Introducing yourself and your brand with a simple, earnest message is a great way to break the ice.

Once you have an influencer on board or one in mind, next you’ll need to identify which type of content they’ll promote. Whether it’s a video, a photo or a blog, try to think of something that’s convenient for them.

Using tools like SocialChorus, you can make it easier for your influencer to distribute the content. And before anything goes out, always make sure you’re following FTC regulations. Whenever something is promotional, it must be disclosed.

Just like any social media strategy, always identify your goals before getting started. Not only should you know what you want to accomplish from your influencer campaign, but these goals should be something that are actually attainable. Typically, influencers don’t increase sales as much as they generate a new buzz.

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