How to Grow Your Business Using Digital Marketing

digital marketing tips

Every business – big or small – should be marketing their brand online.

While print advertising, referral programs and other traditional marketing tools are still valuable, these techniques work best when paired with digital efforts.

Today, many marketers say social media is the number one lead generator for business, with email marketing coming in second.

If you’re just getting started marketing your brand online, here are 7 tips you’ll want to follow:

1. Create and share original content: After you’ve created a website for your business, you need to be producing fresh, original content. Whether it’s videos, photos, infographics or blogs, creating content for your website and sharing this material on social media is necessary for SEO and will establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

2. Get on social media: Once you’ve created a website and have some original content live on your site, it’s time to set up your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become the staples for business (and great for SEO). Once you’re comfortable on those platforms, Instagram and Pinterest are also excellent assets for marketing products or services.

3. Research your brand’s keywords: Do some digging and research which keywords people are using to search for your products or services. Once you’ve identified what those keywords are, try to use them in all pieces of your content and throughout your website. While you’ll want to use these keywords in your content, make sure it's still engaging and easy to read.

4. Check out your competition: Every business should be looking into what their competition is doing online. If they are doing something well, try to incorporate similar strategies in your marketing (but make it your own) and if they are doing something poorly, try to fill in those gaps.

5. Reward customers for positive reviews: While it’s usually necessary to respond to negative reviews, responding to positive reviews can be a nice gesture. In fact, you can try to reward customers for leaving good reviews.

6. Utilize local listings: If you’re a small business, make sure you’re taking advantage of local online directories and listings. Google My Business and Yelp are necessary for most local businesses.

7. Track your efforts: Using tools like Google analytics and social media insights, you can see what is working for your brand and what is not. That way you can adjust what you’re doing, to get the best results.

Need help with your digital marketing? Contact Socialite Network and we’ll find the perfect social strategy for your brand (and your budget!).

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