Why Visual Branding Should Be in Your Instagram Strategy

instagram marketing

Every business should be marketing themselves online.

One of the number one factors that determine the success of an online branding strategy is consistent marketing – meaning your company’s colors, fonts, logos and tone should be the same or similar across all platforms.

Instagram is quickly becoming the go-to destination to market yourself or any visual goods or services. If you’ve started a business account for your brand on Instagram, it’s important that you consider what your brand will visually look like on the platform.

To do this, consider your company’s colors and image. Are you bright and playful, more serious and monochrome, or clean and simple? Identifying your visual brand on the platform will help you narrow down what material you’ll want to share.

One of the benefits of marketing on social media, is that your followers get a better idea of who you are and what you care about.

When crafting the perfect visual brand for your company on Instagram, scheduling content might be your preferred method of sharing. By planning out what photos you’ll post in advance, you can create one unified identity.

For brands who are just starting out on Instagram, a good rule of thumb is to post five times during the week, Mon-Sun, and create five different categories of the type of content you will share. This way your content will never feel stale because it’s being rotated every five days.

For example, if you're hairstylist your categories might be photos of your work, an inspirational message, something personal, your favorite local destinations, and something important to you.

Next, you’ll want to think of copy for each photo that further explains these categories and stays within your brand’s voice. Ultimately, you’ll want to keep in mind two things: How is this content serving my audience, and how is this content representing/promoting my brand.

Once your visual branding is in place – content and copy – it’s time to share! Do some research and find out what are the best times to post on Instagram. Then play around with that information and see of those specific slots, which times you get the most engagement.

Finally, if you decide to use a filter, always stay consistent. Using the same filter or forgoing a filter will help keep your visual branding on point.

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