How to Get the Most from Your Social Media Giveaway

social media giveaway

Tis the season of giving!

With the holidays upon us, it’s important to use new strategies to increase sales and engagement.

For many brands, this might mean upping your marketing efforts whether it be online or off.

An excellent way to increase your social media presence, your social following and social engagement is to run a promotional campaign. And as you lure in new fans with some free swag, you’re also tapping into new potential customers.

Here are 7 ways to create the best holiday giveaway for your brand:

  1. Identify who your fans are and what they want from your brand: While the holidays are a time of greater sales, they also add extra strain on our wallets. When running a giveaway campaign consider what your audience wants and what they need, then look at some of your best performing posts and products to create your giveaway.

  2. Make sure your giveaway is worth something: You’re not going to get the engagement and ROI you’re looking for, if you’re not giving away something of value. Especially during the holidays – when everyone is running some sort of a promotion – make sure your giveaway can generate interest. According to the Journal of Marketing, consumers are more likely to be attracted to offers that seem like they’re getting more stuff, rather than a discount.

  3. Clearly define how to enter and make it easy to follow: Once you have your goods or services in place, it’s time to clearly define how people can enter to win. Typically, brands see the most engagement from giveaways that only require “like” to win since it takes very little time and thought. More likes also increase the chance that your content will be organically boosted by platforms like Facebook or Instagram because of its popularity.

  4. Involve your fans with “User Generated Content”: According to digital marketing data, people are more likely to engage with a brand on social media if they feel a part of the promotion. In fact, UGC was rated 4x higher than content that didn’t involve a brand’s fanbase. One way to do this is by asking users to share a photo or post of them using your product.

  5. Use paid marketing: While giveaways do better than other types of content on social media, you can double your efforts by incorporating a small budget to promote it. By combining paid and organic marketing, you’re more likely to see better results.

  6. Incorporate the holidays: If you’re running your giveaway during the holiday months, use the appropriate hashtags to generate greater awareness. Tags like #holidaycontest, #holidaygiveaway, #freeswag etc., will boost engagement. You’ll also want to create an original hashtag for your campaign.

  7. Answer any questions: If your brand is on social media, it’s important that you answer any questions in a timely manner. If people comment with questions or concerns, respond! And always notify fans when your contest has ended so everyone knows that your giveaway has closed.

By following these steps in your next social media giveaway, you’ll notice greater fan engagement and returns on all your hard work. And with extra exposure, you’ll reach new audiences and generate more customers.

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