Where Social Media is Headed in 2018

2018 marketing trends

New year, new goals, new algorithms!

It seems like social media is changing everyday – so what does this mean for marketing your brand online?

See what marketers are predicting for social media marketing in 2018 below:

1. More brands head to YouTube: If you’ve tried advertising your business on Facebook, you know how expensive it can get. A lot of top marketers are using YouTube to generate warm leads with How-To video content. Videos that help solve users’ problems or answer questions are a great way to build long-term engagement and generate strong leads.

2. LinkedIn steps their game up: LinkedIn has been making some big changes – they’ve added video for personal accounts, updated their messaging system, are planning to roll out video ads, and are testing geotags. With their 500 million monthly users, it’s a great platform for marketing your business.

3. Facebook continues to grow video: Facebook is doubling down on video! The platform will be expanding their features for video creators, opening Facebook Watch for all people and pages, and there are rumors that the social media giant may be starting its own cable television network.

4. Ad costs are predicted to increase: Yes, it sounds like Facebook will be following in Google’s footsteps and continue to increase the costs of ads on Facebook and Instagram. So what does this mean for marketing your brand on these platforms? Start advertising now before prices rise!

5. Twitter makes a comeback: Some marketers are predicting that Twitter will reclaim relevance in the digital space. The platform hosts some 330 million users, and continues to grow. With costs increasing on Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords, you'll see more bang for your buck on Twitter.

6. Consumers want a human connection from brands: A trend that started in 2017, we will continue to see consumers react better to brands that humanize their content and marketing strategies on social media. To truly create a loyal and dedicated fanbase on social media in 2018, you’ll need to show the vulnerable side of your business rather than showcasing what you have to sell.

7. Instagram reigns supreme for business marketing: Instagram was huge for business in 2017 for marketing, especially with Facebook’s rapid organic decline, it looks like this trend will only increase in 2018. Instagram continues to deliver the most engagement for brands on social media, while their new Story Highlights feature is a great tool for promoting evergreen video content on your profile.

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