How to Increase Engagement with Your Online Audience

social media engagement tips

Marketing online can be tough.

If you’ve been promoting your brand on social media, you’ve probably built up a following. But, is that following helping your business? That really comes down to engagement – something that can improve your brand by 300%!

While clicks and page views are important data for analyzing which channels are providing the most traffic, you should also be tracking engagement if you want to see more quality fan interaction with your brand online.

Here are 3 ways you can boost your brand’s social media engagement:

1. Determine which platform your brand gets the most action: Where does your target audience spend most of their time – is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest or Snapchat? It’s important to identify where your market is and how they are communicating with each other. To do this, look at what your bigger competitors are doing and where they are spending their money. Do they have significantly more followers on Instagram, in comparison to Facebook? Then chances are you’ll want to re-focus your social media marketing efforts on Instagram.

2. Identify what type of content they like to consume: When it comes to identifying what type of content your audience wants to see – or better yet, craves – ask yourself two things: Are you providing answers to their questions or are your sharing information that will be useful in their lives. When it comes to what kind of content to share, remember it’s quality over quantity. If you’re producing quality content, users will be more likely to return to your site because they trust what you say and share.

3. Be consistent: Too often brands fail to understand the importance of consistency on social media. Posting once a week on Instagram is a great time saver, but it will alienate your audience making it more likely that they forget about you … or even worse, unfollow you. Even when it comes to blogging, set a schedule for yourself and make a commitment to your fans. If you want to maintain and grow your online audience, you need to push out quality content on a regular schedule. Creating a content calendar will help you lay out what material you want to share and give you the ability to mix it up. Don’t let you content get stale. Try to use different categories to blog or post about – maybe Mondays you share something motivational, Tuesdays you show behind-the-scenes, Wednesday you share a fact, statistic or insight – and the list goes on.

Building an online tribe takes time, and building an engaged and devoted online audience takes quality time. When getting started on a new blog or social media, try to focus your efforts on 1-2 platforms to start. Once you’ve found a consistent content schedule, and time to really interact with your audience you can continue to grow your social efforts on other sites.

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