LinkedIn Marketing: How to Optimize Your Profile

linkedin marketing

Remember LinkedIn?

With 467 million people on the platform, LinkedIn is still an excellent way to tap into new clients and customers – especially in B2B (business to business) arena.

Here are 10 ways you can step up your LinkedIn game:

1. Identify why you’re using LinkedIn: As with any social strategy, you need to have clear goals in mind. The first step is creating a profile. Once you have a profile in place, think about why you are using LinkedIn and make any necessary tweaks and changes to your business or business goals.

2. Optimize your profile: After you have created a profile, make sure there are no spelling and grammatical errors. Next, you'll want to fill out every section of the profile. It's important to make sure people can tell that you know what you are doing and can see those valuable skills. After proofreading your profile, claim your vanity URL. LinkedIn assigns profiles URLs with numbers and letters, but you can change that to your name by following a few simple steps. You can see those by clicking here. Having a customized URL will not only help you get found faster, it will make your profile look far more professional.

3. Find and use your keywords: Whether you are using LinkedIn for yourself or for your business, it’s important to find what keywords will help you get found on the platform. Using other social media sites like Twitter, in addition to platforms like Google trends, you can see what keywords your competitors are using and tailor them for your own use.

4. Write a killer LinkedIn summary: Second to your photo, your profile summary is the first thing other LinkedIn users will look at. It’s also a great chance to show potential clients or audiences what you’re about and highlight your skills and strengths. When writing your profile summary for your business, it’s important to keep in mind questions like, “What do my clients want?,” “How can I help achieve their goals?,” and try to avoid loaded buzz words and use real examples with numbers and figures.

5. Ask for endorsements and add your skills: On LinkedIn, having a good amount of endorsements will help you get found faster. Don’t be afraid to ask past co-workers or clients for endorsements, these first-degree connections will help you populate searches and increase your credibility.

6. Use a professional headshot: If you’re using LinkedIn to tap into new clients, it’s extremely important to have a professional profile photo. The photo is the first thing people will see that will affect if they like you or choose to work for you. If you can’t afford a professional headshot, try to use a photo that shows you working in the field.

7. Add media and links: If you have a website or other examples of your work make sure they are uploaded and linked to your profile. This will make it easier for audiences to see what you do and better understand how you do it. You’ll also want to add a customized banner to your page to help further brand yourself or your business, and stand out from competitors.

8. Increase your search ranking: Much like adding rich keywords or skills to fill out your profile, make sure your using those same or similar keywords in your headline, current work experience, past work experience, summary and specialties.

9. Join targeted groups: This is one of the most important networking tools of LinkedIn. Joining and starting groups related to your business or goals are excellent places to spread word about what you do and connect with people interested in your services.

10. Connect with everyone: Reach out to people you know and those you don’t know. LinkedIn is all about networking, so introducing yourself to different people will help you tap into new audiences which could lead to new jobs and clients.

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