How to Make Your Social Strategy More Effective in 2018

social media marketing tips

To be an effective marketer, you should be tweaking your social media strategy constantly. Just as trends change quickly online, it’s important that you don’t let your social media marketing efforts get stale.

Here are 6 tips from Social Media Today that will help you amplify your social media marketing efforts!

1. Incorporate Chatbots: More and more brands are incorporating artificial intelligence in their marketing strategies. A great way to incorporate A.I. into your social strategy is to use a messenger chatbot. Messenger chatbots allow you to personalize your message, while staying in touch with your audience on a frequent basis and connect on a more personal level. Plus, they’re working 24 hours a day so you will never have to worry about your response time!

2. Take advantage of video covers: Facebook allows you to use a video cover instead of a photo now. Not only is it pretty cool, it’s one of the very first things people will see when they visit your page. It’s a great way to spread a particular message, promote a product or share your services.

3. Pay to play: Thanks to ever-changing algorithms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google, it’s becoming vital to invest in paid ads. This doesn’t mean you can skimp on your content -- but you’ are supplementing your content strategy with ad campaigns that will allow your brand to reach more targeted users.

4. Incorporate video stories: If you haven’t started incorporating video stories on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ... start now! Video stories have only gotten bigger over the last year and will continue to grow. Plus, they are a great way to reach more users organically.

5. Push more video content: Video is the most valuable type of content today – which is why you should be incorporating video across all digital platforms. Whether it’s produced video or live video, you’ll notice higher engagement numbers with this type of content.

Need help with your social media or digital marketing strategy? Contact Socialite Network and we’ll find the perfect strategy for your brand (and your budget!).

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