What You Need To Know About Instagram’s New Algorithm

instagram algorithm update

There have been some big changes to the Instagram newsfeed.

This week, the social media giant shed some light on its new algorithm, in an effort to have more transparency about their process.

The Facebook-owned company says their newsfeed algorithm depends on three main factors:

Interest: The algorithm works to determine how interested a particular user may be in a post by taking into account how much you have engaged with this user or similar content in the past and assess the visual content of each post using their image recognition tools.

Timeliness: Per complaints from users that they’ve been seeing content that’s too old in their newsfeed, Instagram’s last algorithm update will consider when the post was published. Thus, showing you newer content first.

Relationship: Instagram’s algorithm will examine your relationship with the user by looking at how much you have engaged with their posts in the past. This means they’ll be looking at likes, comments and direct messages.

In light of their algorithm update, Instagram also addressed some myths about the platform. For starters, they will not be returning to the chronological timeline anytime soon. They do not favor video over photo posts, you do not get penalized for posting too often and their algorithm does not favor personal accounts over business accounts as they are each treated equally in the algorithm.

Finally, the app is working to improve their image-recognition tools which may eventually allow you to search for what’s in an image rather than a hashtag.

Marketers still need to keep in mind post times and frequency, to get the most viewership and engagement. According to data by Buffer, you should be posting 1-2x per day and Sprout Social says the safest time to post around 6:00 pm.

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Source: Social Media Today

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