How to Follow Best Practices on Instagram and Facebook

facebook best practices

This month, Facebook launched a new guide explaining their “Best Practices” for Facebook and Instagram.

As both platforms are making new changes, it’s important for users and marketers to stay up-to-date on their practices and policies. See their “Best Practices” tips below (via Social Media Today):

Community Connection: According to Facebook, business pages should work towards building a personal connection with their fans. "Your fans and followers are more likely to engage with a post that feels personal rather than something that's over-produced or obviously not created by you," explained the social media giant.

It’s also important to keep an authentic and conversational tone when you promote content. They suggest sharing exclusive content like behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

Frequency and consistency: As most marketers know, consistency is the key to social media success – and Facebook agrees. They say as long as you are sharing creative content, posting daily is a great idea.

Fans First: Liking or responding to you fans’ comments is a great way to keep your audience active and engaged.

Post More Stories: Now that users can post stories on both Facebook and Instagram, they suggest using stories more frequently as a means of increasing engagement. It’s important to note the differences on each app – for example, you can’t swipe up on Facebook for more links so stories using that method won’t work on Facebook.

Hashtag Research: According to Facebook, there are over 150 million people who use Instagram’s “Explore” feature daily. In order to capitalize on their hashtag searches, Facebook suggests using targeted hashtags for each post, which will make your posts more likely to appear there.

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