Using Custom Audiences on Facebook

Facebook has become a major player in the world of digital ads – and it’s no surprise! The social media giant has 1.47 billion daily active users and offers some if the best ad targeting available.

Facebook's Custom Audiences use defined groups of people who already have a relationship with your business – this includes past customers, people who visit your website and people who have installed your app.

If you’ve installed a Facebook Pixel into your website or app, you can create Lookalike Audiences – which take common characteristics from your current audience and helps you find new potential followers and customers by targeting users with similar interests and characteristics.

There are a few different types of Custom Audiences you can use in your social media marketing – see those below:

Customer Lists: By uploading a list of your customers to Facebook – with permission, of course – you can take people who may have taken an action on your website and market to them on social media. It’s important to note that customers can see which companies have uploaded their information on Facebook by checking the “Settings” section of their Facebook page and clicking “Ads” on the left, and then selecting “Advertisers you’ve interacted with.”

Website: You can likewise create Custom Audiences form your website by installing a Facebook pixel which tracks visitors from your website and finds them on Facebook. This is an excellent tool for re-marketing to customers who took an action on your website, but perhaps didn’t convert or complete a purchase.

Mobile: Once you have registered your app – and set up the SDK on Facebook – you can generate a Custom Audience from anyone who has interacted with your app. This is a great tool for boosting app engagement because you can see who has interacted with your brand on Facebook and Instagram.

In order to use a Custom Audience on Facebook, you need to have a minimum for 1,000 contacts or visitors. But, by installing a Facebook pixel, you can create Lookalike Audiences that are based on people from your custom audience, but finds new people to target with their same characteristics.

Shopify had great success with Lookalike Audiences, generating a 2x lower cost per lead from targeting Lookalike Audiences on Facebook.

And before any ad is created on Facebook – always check out your audience insights. This will help you properly target the ad by using demographics from your Custom Audience.

Source: Hootsuite

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