Building An Instagram Shop: How to Get Started

instagram shop

Shopping on social media? Yes, please!

If you have an eCommerce store, it’s important to create a shoppable Instagram account. According to Big Commerce, shoppable Instagram pages have resulted in +1,416% in traffic and +20% in revenue!

To create a shoppable Instagram page, first you will need to set up your shop on Facebook. This can be visible or hidden to your Facebook audience. After you have uploaded your inventory to Facebook, your Instagram toggle should be present on your page in about 2 weeks. You’ll see this when you go to upload a post, under the “Tag People” option there will be a “Tag Products” feature.

While Facebook currently restricts shopping on Instagram to physical goods and products that fall under their privacy policy, the quickest way to get your Instagram shop up and running is to get your store approved by Facebook Shop. Keep in mind, this feature is not currently offered to all businesses.

After your Facebook shop has been built (and approved) you will get a notification from Instagram with a guide for connecting your Facebook product catalog to your Instagram posts.

Your Instagram Shop will connect Instagram users to specific product pages when an item is clicked from your profile.

How to post a shoppable product on Instagram:

1. Update your Instagram app. Your Instagram app needs to be updated in order to see shopping tags.

2. Sync your Facebook products with Instagram. Instagram uses product info from your Facebook shop for their platform. You’ll need to connect your Facebook store with your website to get your shop up and running.

3. Check out the product tags. Once your Facebook shop has been connected to your website and approved on Instagram, go to the options tab on your Instagram business profile and click products. Click through the series of screens that go over the product page with you.

4. Sync your product catalog. After you have clicked through the series of screens introducing you to the products, you will choose the product catalog you want to sync with Instagram.

5. Upload a product photo. Once everything has been set up, upload a photo to your Instagram page – as you would do normally to share a post – and in the caption section, you’ll have the options to tag your products.

6. Tag the products! Once you select tag products, you will type in the name of the product in the search bar and select the product you are tagging (make sure to tag the product in the correct spot of the photo). You can tag multiple products (up to 5) in one photo.

7. Share the post. Once you are finished tagging the products, click “share” and your shoppable product will be posted to your page and shared in your newsfeed.

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